Get ready to fire up your Netflix September 20.

By Evan Saathoff May. 24, 2019

We learned last December that Scott Aukerman would be directing a whole Between Two Ferns movie for Netflix. If that earlier report is still accurate, some of the guests should include David Letterman, Keanu Reeves, another go with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Peter Dinklage. I would assume more names are coming as well.

For now, though, we can at least tell you when to expect this to arrive. According to a graphic offered last night, that date is September 20:

So only a few months left to wait. I have to admit, while I love Between Two Ferns in general, I’m more excited for Scott Aukerman to be out there doing more. As I said before, I have it in my brain that the better he’s doing, the less likely he is to cancel Hollywood Handbook. Then again, Parking Lot Scott can be pretty vindictive and he always might cancel them just out of spite. Who is to say?

In any case, I will be there September 20 to watch Zack Galifianakis have awkward interviews with folks. Join me, won’t you?

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