The motherboard manufacturers are hard at work prepping X570 series motherboards for the new Ryzen 3000 processors. These will also bring PCI-Express 4.0 towards the eco-system. Interesting, Gigabyte released new BIOS updates for Ryzen 3000 compatibility to their (among others) X470 motherboards. And guess what the BIOS is showing?

IT seems that the company has added the option for PCIe 4.0 in the most recent bios update for its X470 Aorus Gaming Wi-Fi motherboard. This information was spotted by an observant Reddit user and then got verified by Tom’s Hardware. Gigabyte has not yet made an official announcement about the new option.

It might be a crossover feature intended for X570 which propagated somehow towards X470. In an update from AMD they write:

300- and 400-series AM4 motherboards can support PCIe 4.0. AMD will not lock the out feature, instead it will be up to motherboard vendors to validate and qualify the faster standard on its motherboards on a case-by-case basis. Motherboard vendors that do support the feature will enable it through BIOS updates, but those updates will come at the discretion of the vendor. As mentioned below, support could be limited to slots based upon board, switch, and mux layouts.

PCIe Version Line Code Transfer Rate x1 Bandwidth x4 x8 x16
1.0 8b/10b 2.5 GT/s 250 MB/s 1 GB/s 2 GB/s 4 GB/s
2.0 8b/10b 5 GT/s 500 MB/s 2 GB/s 4 GB/s 8 GB/s
3.0 128b/130b 8 GT/s 984.6 MB/s 3.938 GB/s 7.877 GB/s 15.754 GB/s
4.0 128b/130b 16 GT/s 1.969 GB/s 7.877 GB/s 15.754 GB/s 31.508 GB/s

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